About me

Leonardo (Leo) Carvalho is a backend developer, in Node.js. Graduated in Systems' Analysis and Development in 2021, by Centro Universitário Estácio de Ribeirão Preto, in Brazil 🇧🇷. Being passionate about information security, good practices of development, and project patterns, pretend to do an MBA in Software Engineer in 2022.

He works as a development teacher at Digital House Brasil, since April/2020, remotely. Since 2020, actively work to deliver 10 classes:

  • 5 classes exclusively focused on frontend, Git, and Agile. It was more than 210 people trained in the projects
  • 1 class of Full-stack with PHP, that has trained 15 developers in PHP
  • 4 classes of Full-stack with Node.js, training approximately 60 developers

During 3 weeks, worked temporarily as Team Lead, replacing my manager while she was in Sick Leave. So, with his squad, managed 50 teachers and support team, doing technical interviews, admissions, and resignations.

Previously, worked as a Training Instructor in Atento Brasil, in service of Telefónica - (Ocotber/2015 to July/2019) and Intern at Foundation for Administrative Development, from São Paulo State’s Government (August/2012 to August/2014).

My portfolio is available also in my GitHub profile, and coming soon, demo versions will be listed here too.

Do you want to know more? You can get me in touch, through one of the ways in home page of my site or read more articles in the blog (almost all the content is available only in Portuguese of Brazil).